Dillon Francis: The Anti-Artist


Electronic music is incredibly saturated with a facade of album covers of night life, tropical paradise, artist logos, and provocative women. Alongside this, the music itself is composed with lyrics that attempts to be deep and meaningful but upon a closer examination are extremely vapid. Dillon Francis tries to combat this epidemic with unpretentious, even meaningless, music with album covers are just plain silly. I may be reading too much into an artist who’s simply having some fun with his work but I think his entire act is a satire of the genre he represents and I find his work extremely refreshing and hilarious.

I am hoping to do something similar to Francis’s approach to his craft – take something you love, make fun of it, but in the end still create something with intrinsic value.

For reference, at top is his most recent album cover and below is his most recent Facebook page profile picture.



One thought on “Dillon Francis: The Anti-Artist

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