Draft Rules of Engagement for Project 3

Title (Shadow?)

  1. Thursday, Nov 13, 9am, meet at Reading Terminal Market
  2. Position each of six (student) observers at different entrances and, at a predetermined time, follow the first person (or group) that enters.
  3. Record (on phone) everything about the person EXCEPT their appearance. This includes:
    • What they buy, if anything
    • Make note of their path from start to finish (be able to plot their path on the map of the market)
    • Timestamp of when you start and stop following the person
  4. Continue anonymously following and documenting the person until they buy an item or 15 minutes passes, whichever comes first.
    1. If they buy an item, stop at the place where the item was bought and document + follow the next person that buys something at the same place, repeat until time is up.
    2. If 10 minutes passes without them buying anything, restart at the nearest entrance and document + follow the next person to enter, repeat until time is up.
    3. If someone is still in line at the 10 minute mark, stop tracking that person and start following the person who is currently purchasing something at the cashier.
    4. If you lose someone, restart at the nearest entrance.
  5. Stop recording at 1 hour and reconvene with other observers at designated location.On the following Tuesday, Nov 17, present concepts for how the content collected might be presented and published.

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