Ind Proj Proposals

Proposals for the Independent Project are due Tuesday October13 – Post .doc, .pdf below

Please write proposals for one or two projects and format proposals as follows:

• Title/sub-title (a good title provides context and alludes to your topic and approach)
• Abstract/description stating goals/objectives (why are you interested in this topic?)
• Similar projects and artists/designers (sites, texts, images)
• Proposed media (describe what forms the project might take)
• Bibliography/resources (additional references, videos, exhibitions, essays, sites, books, etc.

Final projects should be design bold and provocative – reflecting your passion and interests – design and typography related but not specific to any particular design area.


Terrill Warrenburg

Independent Project


Ashley Leung



Jenny Ho



Claire Keener

CKeener Final Project Proposal

marvelapp mockup


Donald Sonn

Indp Project Proposal


Gallery View: Overall, one, two, three, four, five, cited sources (placement)


Michael Chung



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