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Artist Statements: PRJCT 1 Labels


Jenny Ho / Project 1: [subject] [phrase] [action] [object]

Concept: jennyho.project1

Digital components: Final appearance and code

Materials: HTML/CSS/Javascript; projection on mylar

Description:  Are proverbs still relevant in modern society? This installation explores that question by placing proverbs into a new context: sentences that are computationally generated and meant to be read as text. Proverbs are both interchangeable parts to be assembled and museum artifacts to be preserved. Viewers are then encouraged to think about the ambiguous relationships among our values, our spoken and written language, and our reliance on computers.


1-overall 2-description 4-typography 5-process1 6-process2 9-people

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Claire Keener

Add Your Light To The Sum Of Light


Material: Clear Inkjet Shipping Labels

This project offers a contrast between private concerns and public matters. Located on the exterior and interior of locker stacks, the texts are both sourced from the New York Times newspaper. The exterior displays headlines while the interior holds concluding advice from the paper’s advice column, Social Q’s. Each locker unit contrasts one headline with a piece of advice, creating a dialogue between the two texts.

DSC_0691 DSC_0690 DSC_0688 IMG_8855DSC_0687 IMG_8827

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Michael Chung // Project 1: Sanctuary

Concept: Conceptual Plan


IMG_3066     IMG_3067

IMG_3064     IMG_3064

Materials: Vinyl on mirror

Description: What is your purpose? What is your role in society — your connection to the world around you? What is the significance of your existence? Utilizing the function and accessibility of public space, Sanctuary is an altered environment that directly engages and forms a private relationship with the occupant(s). The text recontextualizes a poem found in Black Butterfly by Robert M. Drake, a collection that explores motifs such as transformation, rebirth, and loss. The merging of text and space implores the viewer to seek a moment of intense introspection, facing him or herself with a self-reflective mental dialogue. This silent conversation has the power to change, whether it culminates in a moment of comforted despair or gleaming solace.


Critical Type BM View     Critical Type BM View

Critical Type BL View     Critical Type BR View

Critical Type PBR View                  Critical Type PBM View

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Donald Sonn | Project 1: That’s me … Lost in this Plastic Life

Materials: Plotter on Heavyweight Matte

Description: The printed mural titled “That’s me … Lost in this Plastic Life” is composed of Kanye West’s lyrics from his 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy superimposed on his profile. This project attempts to reconcile West’s notorious public façade with his unfiltered doubts and insecurities displayed in selected verses from his critically acclaimed album.



project1-2 project1

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Ashley Leung: Freedom 

Concept: This animation explores how the concept of “freedom” in America has changed over time from a historical idea with connotations of liberty and patriotism to one that has almost been commodified in the mass market. This compilation of 100 words with the suffix “-free” invites viewers to question what the word “freedom” has come to mean in our modern society.



Video documentation here



Terrill Warrenburg Project 1: 12.06.09.

This was the date when she was branded. A single incident when he crossed the line, refused to listen or understand “no.” She never spoke of it, neither to her family nor to her friends, but it left its mark on her. She would try to forget, try to erase it from her memory, try to blame herself. Years later, it is not the first thing on her mind when she wakes up, it is not played over and over again on a loop in her head, but the mark he made is still there. Every day it is present, no matter what she is doing or where she is.

Incidents are temporary, scars are timeless.

Photo Credit: Amanda Suarez and Olivia Portegello

car-1 coffee copy-2  door2-6texting2-9 groceries copy-10 news-4  reading-3 texting1-8

Concept: Using my body as a canvas, I had an assistant write a date into my skin to represent an incident of sexual assault. I act out a normal day, going to get coffee, reading, grocery shopping, and more with this pronounced red mark visible to all, demonstrating the scarring and continuous effects of sexual assault throughout one’s lifetime.


Site: Various locations throughout Philadelphia, public setting.

Materials: Camera for documentation, body, everyday objects.


On Kawara’s “Date Paintings”

Installation Shots:

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